Kids & cooking
are a natural fit &
can be lots of fun,
even for you.

Kids love to help & develop different levels of skills & understanding at different ages. Here are some tips to keep in mind to make cooking with children a stress-free family favourite.

Mostly, what kids love best about cooking is spending time with you...

Get Ready to Cook.

Make sure everyone washes their hands, and be prepared for plenty of mess: wear aprons and old clothes, and make cleaning up part of the fun.

Simple recipes are a great place to start.

2 years old

The two year old can and will love to pour, stir, scoop and basically any task where they can use their hands, like kneading, squeezing and mushing.

A two year old will delight in the taste, texture and colour of all foods and will want to lick the spoon, the plate, their hands, and maybe even the table.

3 years old

Your three year old will want to do everything, even if her skills don’t quite match up. Be ready to let them try but also be on hand to help.

Sorting by shape, colour and size and understanding of opposites like hot and cold, big and small will be starting to develop at this age.

4 years old

Four year olds like to take part in making decisions. So let them have input in choosing the recipe, selecting ingredients and deciding what tasks they want to do.

Use cooking as a reason to talk about where food comes from and practice skills like counting, measuring and matching.

5 years old

Five year olds will be fascinated by the chemical reactions taking place. Take time to tell them why things are happening at a very basic level and let them experiment.

Aesthetics will start becoming important so let them express their creativity by letting them decorate cakes, present food on a plate and help set the table.