Art is a great way for kids to express their creativity & develop their skills with painting, drawing, craft & play dough...

But what about creating artworks using food so that the masterpieces are as tasty as they are beautiful?

Masterpieces are tasty as they are beautiful

Fairy Floss Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes spread with pink icing and topped with fluffy pink fairy floss. Make your own cupcakes or make up Green’s Vanilla Cupcakes, colour the icing with pink food colouring and decorate with store-bought pink fairy floss.

For a nice alternative, make up some fairy floss cookies, all you need is a packet of Green’s pink cupcake mix and cut up different shapes with different shapes cookie cutter.

Pizza Faces

Use pita bread, English muffins or just regular sandwich bread as the face.

Spread on some pizza sauce and use capsicums, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, pineapple, salami, ham, mince, herbs & olives to make up faces.

Serve cold, or grill for a toasty treat!

Funny Faces

Make your own gingerbread cookies using Green’s gingerbread cookie mix. Vanilla cupcake mix can also be used as a base.

Divide a batch of plain icing between four bowls and use food colouring the make up their favourite colours.

Put out a range of decorations like hundreds and thousands, choc chips, coloured sugars and lollies.

Everyone gets to create their own masterpiece by “painting with icing” using a butter knife and sprinkling and arranged decorations.